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How to Use Dark Paint Colors on Commercial Buildings

If you are tired of pale, muted colors, choose dark paint colors for your next commercial project. Whether you are repainting your office building or are looking to spruce up a warehouse, dark colors can really stand out and make an ordinary building look incredible.

Neutral-colored furniture looks great with dark, bold walls. If you are painting the interior of a commercial building with light-colored floors as well, dark paint colors will pop and give the space character.

Mahogany furniture pairs well with forest-green walls. This is because it is reminiscent of a common color palette found in nature. If your clients have lots of wood furniture in their building, you can recommend this color combo. It will create a sense of warmth and bring the outdoors inside. This is especially nice for employees who have to spend the majority of the day inside. Spending time outdoors is known to increase productivity and improve people’s overall well-being so this color scheme could provide more benefits than you could imagine.

A common misconception is that dark colors make a room or building appear smaller than it actually is. Thankfully this is untrue as dark paint colors actually have the opposite effect when used correctly. This is because dark colors absorb light which creates an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.

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