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We're all trying to save a buck, and there's nothing quite like the thrill of getting a good deal. But when it comes to paint for your house (both interior and exterior), should you go for the cheapest option? When you need a few gallons of paint, it certainly seems less painful to shell out $10 per gallon instead of $30 or more. However, shortsighted thinking (this is cheaper now) isn't the best move when purchasing paint for your home, no matter what the project is.

High-quality paint will often be more expensive, but it is always worth it.

Longer Lasting

Perhaps most important, high-quality paint will last longer. It provides a smoother, more-uniform appearance that can end up lasting twice as long as a cheaper paint. Even though you'll end up paying more up front for the cost of paint, you'll save money in the long run because you won't have to repaint as often. Plus, higher-quality paint doesn't need as many coats -- which means you don't have to buy as many cans of paint as you would need to buy if you chose a cheap paint.

Easier Application

If you'll be doing your own painting, this is reason enough to opt for high-quality paint. High-quality paint requires less effort because it hides more as you paint and flows out evenly. You'll enjoy less brushing, less rolling, and even less retouching. And did you know that high-quality paint doesn't splatter as much during application? That means your cleanup will be easier and shorter.

Less Wear

High-quality paint is built to endure. It shows less wear over time because it actually resists dirt, which means your kids' sticky fingerprints won't be the first thing people notice when they step into your home. Not only that, when fingerprints, scuffs, and more DO end up on the wall, a high-quality paint will clean much easier than the cheap stuff.

Get the Most out of Your Paint

Whether you're painting an interior wall or the whole exterior of your house, surface preparation is key. Before you apply any paint, you need to inspect your surfaces. Take the time to smooth rough areas and patch holes, and your paint will go on smoother -- and require less touch-up and maintenance later.

How Can You Tell If Your Paint Is High Quality?

High-quality paint contains a higher solids content that dries to a thicker film that is more durable. You'll want to look at two indicators to determine if your paint is of high quality:

  1. Volume of Solids - A higher-quality paint will have a higher percentage of binders and pigments (solids). It will also have a smaller percentage of liquids. When looking at latex paint, a lower-quality paint will have 20-30% solids by volume and 70-80% water. In contrast, a high-quality paint will have 35-50% solids.

  2. Titanium Dioxide - When you have a good amount of titanium dioxide, you can cover surfaces in fewer coats. Look for 20-25% of titanium dioxide.

At Listol Painting, Inc. we only use high-quality paint. Combined with our careful surface preparation and expert techniques, you'll only get the best results. Give us a call at 928-899-6252, or contact us online at or email listolpainting@gmail for a free estimate.

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