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In the world of interior decorating, nothing really lasts. Trends come and go, and before you know it, you're staring at a room that could be on the set of The Brady Bunch. Interestingly enough, old trends do come back -- but they are almost always used in new ways. So if your home hasn't had an update since 1994, it probably shows. These eight things are making your home look dated.

Wood-Stained Cabinets

They were in style once, but maple and oak wood-stained cabinets are out of date now. Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint (you can't go wrong with white) instantly updates a kitchen. And since the kitchen is central to the home, your entire home will get an updated vibe as well.

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper works in many ways now. You may even say it's getting its time in the sun (again). However, the 1980s and '90s wallpaper borders that go around the perimeter of the room (whether at the top of the wall, or in the middle)? Not so hot anymore. In fact, they're one of the fastest ways to say "dated." Instead, paint your walls, or find a modern wallpaper and cover the entire wall with it.

Sponge Walls

Much appreciated (and replicated) in the '90s, sponge walls don't quite hold the same charm anymore. Today's trends are more chic and bold -- meaning, no sponging involved.

Certain Wall Colors

Some colors just don't stand the test of time. Hunter green, mauve, and peach are relics of the past. Updating to tasteful neutrals is always a good choice, as they make a room look more spacious. Plus, you can adjust your style in a variety of ways when you start with a tasteful background.

Old-Fashioned Cabinet Pulls

You wouldn't think something so small could make a home look so dated, but cabinet pulls, door knobs, and hinges (as well as faucets and spigots) actually make a big impact -- for better or for worse. Swapping old pulls out with new will instantly update your home.

Color Schemes Based on the Trend of the Moment

If your color scheme centers around a color that was trending for one or two years, your home certainly shows its age. One simple way to keep your home updated is to stick with one basic color theme as your background. Determine if you prefer warm or cool colors, and choose neutral colors in those themes as your backdrop. You can then change other colors in your home as trends change.

Old Paint

Fresh paint almost magically transforms a room. It keeps it looking clean and modern. When you notice your paint starting to look a bit dingy, it's time for an update.

Following Fads

Fads are fun, but they're fleeting. Plus, they don't really say much about personality. Instead of following every fad that comes along, determine your own style. Choose only what you love. If something you love happens to be a fad, embrace it. But include timelessness as well, so your home doesn't look like a shrine to the mood of the moment.

Listol Painting loves to help homeowners throughout Arizona keep their homes beautiful with fresh paint. In fact, we even provide free color consultation so you can be sure you'll love your home's new look. Give us a call at (928)899-6252 or request a free estimate online at or email us at:

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