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Set the Tone with Blues

How you're feeling today is likely to be influenced by the colors that surround you. The right shade of blue can boost your energy and calm your stress, benefiting your overall well-being. Let's explore where blue can take your body, mind and spirit.

SW 6790 Adriatic Sea

Chill Out

The depth of Adriatic Sea provokes feelings of comfort and rest. Recharge after a long day in a space that inspires deep breaths and an unwinding mind.

Emotional Rescue

Blue is known as a clean color making it a popular choice for bathrooms. A lighter shade like Meander Blue can transform the most conventional space into the ultimate escape.

SW 6864 Meander Blue

A Mix of Moods

Blues offer the greatest range of shades and sentiments. Just as a shade of light blue can create a relaxing atmosphere, a striking navy accent wall can add an air of sophistication to any room.

SW 9179 Anchors Aweigh

SW 6246 North Star

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