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Your bedroom should be an oasis. It's where you retreat when you need to unplug from the stresses of the world. It should be a welcome environment, well-designed for restful sleep and peace. Many factors go into creating an inviting space you look forward to entering, but one of the largest factors is the colors of your wall and ceiling. Learn how colors influence your mood in your bedroom, and how to choose the best paint color for the mood you hope to achieve.


Neutrals are always a safe color choice for your walls and ceilings - especially in your bedroom. Calming and relaxing, they don't compete for attention, and your mind can rest. If you're worried neutral colors might be boring, remember that you can spice up your room with a variety of furniture pieces, linens, and wall art choices. Think of neutrals as a safe background for whatever canvas you want to create.

Cool Colors

Cool colors will help you create a calm and relaxing environment in your room. Look for the hues from blue green through blue violet. Grays work very well too. Remember that you'll find a lot of variation in this spectrum. Choose cool colors that make you feel at ease.


Pastels, when done right, can look very grown-up and soothing. Using bright accessories and dark wood furniture will keep the pastels from looking too childish. Think: pinks, lavenders, soft blues, and soft greens.

Specific Colors and Their Effects

A British sleep study analyzed colors of rooms and how they affect sleep and mood. The study found that blue rooms are the most conducive to sleep, with certain shades of yellow pulling in for second place. Green and silver took third and fourth places in the study. People received the least amount of sleep in purple, brown, and gray rooms.

General Tips for Choosing Bedroom Paint Colors

  1. Think big. Think about the overall effect you want. Are you going for calm and relaxed, romantic and intimate, or something else? Then begin looking for inspiration in magazines, home websites, and Pinterest to find rooms that give off the vibe you're hoping to achieve. Take those pictures with you to the paint store to get the color right.

  2. Test it out. Using the finish you intend to use, paint a few test sections of your walls and observe how they look at different times of day.

  3. Use a color consultant. When you use a color consultant, you'll have the support and advice of someone with a keen eye and expertise. You can talk through the desired mood you're hoping to achieve, and the color consultant can present you with varieties and options that will work well. You'll have the confidence that your choices will look good - no matter what. At New Life Painting, our painting services come with free color consultation.

  4. Consider the surroundings. What does your furniture look like? How will it look with warm colors? With cool colors? Is there a lot of natural light in your bedroom, or are you sorely lacking for sunshine? Your paint choices will either enhance or diminish certain effects, so keep your surroundings in mind as you create the mood.

  5. Add personality. It's your bedroom. Choose what you love.

Hire a Painting Company

No matter which color you choose for your bedroom, get the best results by hiring a professional painting company that will pay attention to detail and take pride in their work. Listol Painting is the best painting choice. Give us a call at 928-899-6252, or request a free estimate online or email us at

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