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4 Secrets to Long-Lasting Interior Paint

With the new year well upon us, we know you can’t wait to get to your interior painting projects. After all, fresh years call for fresh starts, and fresh starts call for fresh color. It just makes sense.

At least that’s the way we think…

Call us amazing, but we also know that you want your fresh paint to last, and to look just as beautiful when the year ends as it does as it’s being freshly rolled into place. Well, if you promise not to tell anyone, we’re willing to share a few secrets that make beautiful, enduring paint a reality.

Are you ready?

Interior Painting Tips – 4 Ways to Make Your Paint Last and Look Great!

#1 Start with the right prep

It just never pays to skip the first, essential steps. No matter how excited you are to see your new paint on the wall, be sure to start by making the surface as ready as you are. This includes:

  • Patching and repairs, as needed

  • Light sanding

  • Dusting/cleaning

  • Priming (if needed)

  • Project containment (protect your surrounding belongings)

#2 Choose your color, then think it over again

If you want a longstanding paint job, stick with a color that won’t get old. Lucky for you and your walls, neutrals are hugely popular right now. Have fun with switching around decorations, artwork, and accent colors, and rest easy knowing that your neutral walls won’t mind a bit (clashing just isn’t in their vocabulary).

#3 Remember, quality paint is essential

Name brand, proven paint products perform better, last longer, and retain their color beautifully. If you’re being drawn in by the sticker price of cheap paint, just remember that better products pay for themselves again and again over time.

#4 Consider the sheen and match it to your purpose

You may have top-quality paint in the perfect color, but if the sheen isn’t lined up with the demands that are going to be placed on it, you’re set up for failure. For example, flat paint in a kids’ play room just won’t hold up well. Flat and satin is typically better reserved for ceilings and other low-traffic areas. An eggshell or semi-gloss, however, is up for the challenge of busy spaces, and can stand up to the rigors of harsh environments.

One Final Tip: Talk To a Professional Painting Company

Do-it-yourself adventures can be fun, but the best way to really ensure the success of your home painting project is to talk to a professional. From color selection and brand insights to beautiful applications, investing in a qualified painter is certainly worthwhile.

At Listol Painting, Inc. we will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free estimate.

Call Randy at 928-899-6252, visit our website at or email us at

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