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Paints That Excel on Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is one of the most durable home building materials. But with the passage of enough time, its appearance can get as tired, worn and faded as that of any other exterior surface.

If your aluminum siding has seen better days, there’s great news: Weathered aluminum siding doesn’t have to be replaced; it can be repainted. And as long as you use the right type of paint, it’s relatively simple to restore.

Preparing aluminum siding for a fresh paint job involves washing (or power washing) the surface in order to remove dust, dirt, mildew, and any “chalk” that may be present.

If any metal shows through the factory finish, you might also see some unsightly white oxidation on the surface. If so, carefully remove it with steel wool, then spot-prime any area where there is bare aluminum using a top quality acrylic primer.

Next comes one of the most important steps: making sure to select an exterior paint that has the necessary characteristics for use on aluminum siding. By choosing the right type of paint – and the right brand – and the right Painting Contractor (Listol Painting, LLC) - you’ll get a great looking, extremely durable finish that will last for years.

Outdoor testing shows that the best type of paint to use on aluminum siding is a top quality 100% acrylic latex product. These paints contain special additives that produce a thick, uniform coating which will faithfully mimic the “profile” of the siding, whether it is smooth or textured. Even more important, these paints adhere tenaciously to the siding panels, making them extremely durable and fade resistant.

But outdoor tests reveal something else: While all top quality 100% acrylic latex paints outperform other coatings when applied to aluminum siding, certain brands perform better than others. The following brands stand out:

Behr Premium Plus Ultra® PPG Paints™ Brilliance® California Paints® Fres-Coat® Benjamin Moore® Super Spec® Kelly-Moore® AcryShield®

Every one of these paint brands offer top-shelf durability, fade resistance, and even strong mildew resistance – not to mention good “leveling” to replicate the contour of the siding — pretty much all you could ask for when re-painting aluminum siding.

So, if your old aluminum siding is showing its age, give it a new lease on life by restoring its original beauty. Do the proper surface preparation, choose your paint carefully, choose the right painting Contractor to get it done correctly. Soon, your aluminum siding will once again look good as new!

NEED HELP - Let Listol Painting give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee quote for all your painting needs.

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