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After a long day there is nothing better than coming home and unwinding with a nice, warm bath or shower. Is your bathroom the peaceful retreat you crave after a tough day, or could it use some sprucing up? Sure, a full bathroom remodel would be wonderful, but there are plenty of great color combinations to create a soothing sanctuary with just a can or two of paint and a little bit of time.

Relaxing Color Combinations

There are plenty of paint color options that set the mood for relaxation. Let’s explore a few examples of bathrooms that use paint effectively to create beautiful spaces that are perfecting for unwinding in.

The sage green paint color used on the horizontal planks of this bathroom captures the feeling of the outdoors. Plenty of white and touches of warm wood grain bring the green wall color to life. If you enjoy spending lots of time in nature, a woodsy color scheme like this one might be just right for your bathroom.

Here is another example of a bathroom borrowing from nature to create a soothing retreat. Blue accent walls and beadboard are reminiscent of a clear sky, while the cream-colored walls create a nice balance. The choice these homeowners made to have their bathing area painted a little differently than the rest of the bathroom makes this brightly-lit nook feel extra special.

Nature-themed color schemes aren’t the only good option if you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a relaxing environment. Interior walls painted a soft lavender are a soothing choice that feel feminine without being too precious.

If pastels aren’t your personal taste, gray is a beautiful interior paint color that feels both sophisticated and relaxing.

Additional Tips For Creating A Soothing Retreat

While the right interior paint color can go a long way towards transforming your bathroom into a welcoming oasis from the stresses of the day, there are a few other elements that will help make your space feel extra inviting.

  • Good Lighting - Don’t strain your eyes under overly bright bulbs. Lighting that may be perfect for getting ready in the morning probably is too bright for when you want to unwind. Consider installing dimmer switches or lighting a few candles.

  • Scent - While you’re picking out candles, be sure to grab one or two in a scent that you love. Essential oils like lavender or chamomile are another great option.

  • Bring in Nature - If your bathroom has natural light consider bringing in a plant or two. If you can’t have a plant in your bathroom, artwork showcasing nature is a great way to incorporate elements of nature into your space.

Would you like help transforming your bathroom into a restful escape? We would love to help! Give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

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