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Ever been to a paint store and been completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of options available to you? Matte vs glossy, pastel or earthy, oil based or water based, Behr or Sherwin-Williams? Matching your existing interior design, furnishings, furniture, and carpet is difficult. It can also be challenging to pick out from the hundreds of color options and combinations as well as the subtle shades available. Our expert paint advisor can help you choose the right brand, color scheme, matte/or glossy, and evaluate the different quality options available to you. If you are having trouble choosing colors to paint your home we have 3 suggestions for you--

  1. Find inspiration: You can look for inspiration from a favorite vacation, did you love the red sandstone from you trip to Southern Utah? Or, do you spend the mornings admiring the beautiful blues the cascade mountains provide? You may also admire the earthy greys of the architecture you photographed in Rome. Any of these can offer beautiful color palette for your new home.

  2. Set the tone: What will this room be used for? Are you planning on have guests in this room, relaxing, creating? Different color palettes invite different activity. For example a bold accent color in you bedroom may not invite you to relax and let go of the worries of your day before you get some much needed rest, but that tone may be just what you want for your living room where your husband invites his buddies over to watch THE CARDINALS crush THE 49er's.

  3. Use the environment you already have available: Using carpet and cabinetry you already have to your advantage. Here is a beautiful example of complementary furniture to wall color. Notice the contrasting compliment the armoire has on the wall color. Your wall color will either compliment your furniture or distract from it.

But if all of this seems like to much, don’t worry our trained expert is here to provide you with the best advice to walk you through the tricky but exciting process of picking out the right color for your rooms.

Give Randy a call at 928-899-6252 to set up a time for him to come help you with this tricky decision and to help make your new project a work of art.

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