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Make a Statement with Fun Paint Colors on your Floors

Are you feeling the urge to do something new and fun with your home?

Sometimes painting the walls with new paint colors is fun, but maybe you’ve already done that. You might be craving more adventurous interior design ideas. Well, Listol Painting is here to give you a fun painting idea for your home: paint the floors!

It may sound a little crazy at first, but there are several great reasons to paint your floors (listed below). Plus, there are also many different types of floors that can be painted.

Wood Floors If you have wood floors that are old and need to be refinished, painting them may be more cost efficient than completely refinishing.

Concrete Floors Maybe you have a room that has concrete floors but you’d like a cozier, warmer atmosphere. A colorful paint job on your concrete floors will totally transform your space.

Tile Floors Even the tile in your kitchen or bathroom can be painted to suit your style. If your kitchen needs a makeover but you’re not ready for an overhaul, choosing paint colors for your floor may be your answer.

Vinyl Floors Even vinyl floors can be painted to create a whole new look in a room. The options are endless.

Some people may hear “painted floors” and immediately think of a cottage style home. A cottage home with white painted wooden floors is beautiful, but if that’s not your style, there are many other designs to consider when browsing through paint swatches:

Define space with a painted “rug” Painting an area run on the floor is such a fun idea. Shopping for rugs can be challenging, however, and they can get dirty easily. Paint a fun design in an 8x10 shape. Or if your space is not suited to a traditional sized rug, then painting a customized one is the perfect solution.

Diamonds Painting diamonds or a checkerboard on a kitchen floor is a fun way to add movement to the room. Use colors that are found elsewhere in your kitchen.

Stripes Stripes on the floor can make a room feel much bigger than before. Create a pattern with thin and thick stripes, or keep it simple with wide stripes all the way through.

Stencils There may be a pattern or design that you love and want to see in a big way in your home. Painting a design on the floor is a beautiful way to incorporate this personal touch.

Solid paint color Last, but not least, choose one bold color to paint your floors. Black painted wood floors make a strong statement, but don’t be afraid to go with an emerald green or bright blue. Decide how you want the room to feel, and choose paint colors that evoke that feeling.

When you are ready to try out some fun interior design ideas for your next home painting project, contact us at Listol Painting. We have the professional painters and staff to make your dream a reality.

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