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How To Pick An Exterior Color

If you thought that choosing interior paint colors was challenging, just wait until you are ready to choose exterior paint colors! While the options are seemingly endless, there are a few ways to narrow down your choices.

Whether you are painting your house for resale value, or you’re ready for a fresh look for your family home, follow these simple tips in order to get the best look:

Get bold

While it may be easy to choose white as your exterior paint, it may not be the best choice for your style of home. If white is not best, play around with some bolder colors, such as blues and yellows. Just be sure to always test out your paint color choices rather than relying on small paint swatches.

Take a good look at your street

It can be really fun to choose a unique color for the exterior of your home, but consider how it will look in your Santa Maria, CA neighborhood. Don’t choose a paint color that will clash with the house right next to you. On the other hand, if many of the homes on your street are painted similar shades of gray, choose a complementary but different paint color for your home.

Remember accents

Accent colors make a huge difference when you are painting the exterior of your home. Before you get started on this big painting project, choose colors for your shutters and trim, too. Developing a strong color scheme will make your project successful.

Consider your landscaping

Is your home beautifully landscaped with green shrubs and accents? Painting your house green, even if it is your favorite color, may not be the best choice in that case. It’s best to not have your home blend in with your yard too much. If your home has very little landscaping, and your design plan doesn’t include adding it in the near future, then painting your house too bright can appear almost harsh. Remember to find complementary colors to your landscape and surroundings for a welcoming feeling.

Think of your permanent features

When you’re choosing paint colors, take a good look at your exterior home features that cannot be changed, or you are not willing to change. For instance, the shingles on your roof can vary from dark to light. So consider the colors in your roof when you are sorting through paint swatches and find something complementary. The color of the concrete on your walkway, porch, or driveway are other typically permanent features that you may want to consider when choosing paint colors. Your concrete may be gray, black, or even have an orange hue. Hold those paint swatches up to all of these features just to make sure.

Always try out colors before committing. Paint colors can look different in changing light, so take a look at your color choices during different times of the day and at night. Fortunately, New Life Painting has color experts who can help you choose the perfect color scheme for your exterior painting project.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

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